Hayley Price

Woman, mother, dreamer and lover of wild landscapes. Explorer of culture, embodiment and belonging.

Hayley works as a trauma informed, ISMETA registered, somatic movement therapist and educator (RSMT, RSME), yoga therapist and educator, and singer.

For the past 20 years she has been facilitating movement and collaborative somatic explorations within diverse communities.

In Scotland Hayley facilitated movement based groups for women with post natal depression and has worked to support women build healthy relationship with their own bodies in a number of settings.

She founded Mother Nurture in response to her own experience of mothering and all it awakened within her with regards to the place of mothers within a dominant capitalist culture.
(you can read more about Hayley HERE (this will take you to her website, so do come back!))


Lucia Francis

Lucia is a mother and trainee psychotherapist with a background as an Occupational Therapist. She has worked in many different mental health and wellbeing settings, including perinatal and parental mental health teams. She feels strongly about supporting mothers in their role of motherhood.

As Mother Nurture evolves and space opens up for Lucia, she will be offering therapeutic support for mothers.

You will meet Lucia at some of the group events assisting and co-holding the space.