Mother Nurture is a CIC working to support mothers
in their journey of matrescence and motherhood,
and to enliven a quality of nurture and interconnection across the community.

Mother Nurture:

  • Offers supportive group and individual sessions for mothers, pregnant women and others in the community, in which they can nourish creativity, connection, restoration and remembrance.
  • Explores motherhood through the lens of the body; the shape shifting that occurs in response to becoming a mother; how to both resource and process challenge through the body.
  • Empowers the place of mothers within the community and in relationship with the Earth and visions a Matricentric egalitarian culture.
  • Seeks to enliven a quality of nurture across the community, (re)weaving intergenerational and intersectional webs of interconnection between each other and this Earth so that all life may thrive.
  • Collaborates with other inspiring organisations
    to raise awareness around the marginalisation of mothers within dominant culture and how this relates with how we relate with the Earth.


Mother Space

Hayley offers one-to-one Collaborative Somatic Therapy sessions for Mothers
to support you in your journey of matrescence and motherhood.

Mother Nurture Groups

Supportive sessions for Women of all ages
These sessions are for you to Rest, Replenish & (Re)Connect with the joy of being in your own body.
A perfect resource for tired mothers.