ReSource following the Celtic Wheel of the Year

I found a moment to pour through some of the practices in these books this morning in preparation for ReSource.

These are some of my favourite practice-based books which I practice, draw upon and adapt for groups I facilitate. There are many more too.

Each term of the ReSource sessions will offer the opportunity to explore a different theme that connects  you with the inner experience of the body in interrelationship with the seasons through the Celtic Wheel of the Year.

Our first term begins on February 20th (after the two taster sessions).
Because this lies closely after Lunar Imbolc, this term will explore somatic practices that evoke awareness of the stirring of sensation throughout the body.

Imbolc signals the first stirrings of Spring; the yawning energy of the earth gradually awakening through the still slumbering body of Winter. We’ll explore how to gently awaken our senses and emerge feeling nourished and restored for the more active seasons ahead.

Why will we align with and bring embodied attention to the Celtic Wheel of the Year throughout our ReSource sessions?

Because feeling nourished, restored and connected isn’t something you can sustain in isolation, or even just with each other. Remembering your interconnection with a wider and wilder landscape and how it interrelates with your experience of living within it will offer you nourishment at a much deeper level.

And, as mothers, we need to remember all the systems of support that are available to us and how we may connect with and inhabit them them from moment to moment in our everyday lives.

Booking for ReSource is now open.

Come and explore and be nourished with us.

Dates and booking info can be found here.

More information can be found here.

I look forward to connecting with you.

With winter warmth,